BDCM Cardboard Boxes

Boxes and Cartons BDCM boxes are used within the fashion, catalogue and retail trades. Ideal for packing clothes and garments. (BDCM - Bulk Distribution Carton Metric)

Eco friendly 100% degradable, recyclable, cardboard packaging cartons and boxes.

Our boxes and cartons are available in standard pallet quanities as shown below (supplied flat packed for convenient storage) , also mixed pallets or smaller quantities are available - Please Enquire.

Stock Code BDCM Box or Carton Size
(length x width x height ) mm
BCDM Box or Carton Description Pallet Quantity Enquire
C-BDC1 610 x 280 x 356 Colour: Black 400
C-BDC2 406 x 280 x 356 Colour: Brown 800
C-BDCM1 597 x 292 x 394 Colour: Blue 400
C-BDCM2 400 x 300 x 400 Colour: Blue 800